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  • 5 inch FPV quad – Frog Lite

  • Hand Tap Respring

    Hand Tap Respring   After releasing my first theme I was intrigued by what else the Anemone engine can do. It's ability to manage respring animations/logos particularly took my interested. Apples way…
  • Elements iOS theme

    Elements iOS theme   Elements was the first ever iOS tweak I released. It is a theme for all the stock iOS 10-12 app icons as well as some other popular applications.…
  • Custom iPhone 7 body


  • Crypto Mining Machine

    Crypto currencies are becoming ever more popular and there is no doubt they will change the way we pay for things in the future. The majority of them work by allowing people…

  • The Slider

    Please watch the video above, it gives you a overview of what my slider looks like, how it operates and what it can produce. Enjoy!

  • Nixie Tube Clock

  • Surrey Restoration