Crypto Mining Machine

Crypto currencies are becoming ever more popular and there is no doubt they will change the way we pay for things in the future.
The majority of them work by allowing people to ‘mine’ the currency, the ‘miner’ does work in reward for some of the currency.
In this case, I have some GPUs (Graphic processing units) doing huge amounts of calculations each second in order to keep the crypto network running and in exchange for some of the currency.

I currently have:
2 Sapphire 480 8GB
1 Sapphire 570 8GB
2 Sapphire 570 4GB
1 XFX 7700 HD 1GB (Soon to be phased out)

All the 4xx and 5xx cards are mining the crypto currency know as Ethereum. The single 7700 card is unable to mine ethereum so is mining Zcash instead.

As you can see from the images, I made my own open air case for the majority of my cards to sit in, this is necessary as the cards give of vast amounts of heat. At the time of writing this it is currently British summertime and therefore giving off large amounts of heat is the last thing I want. I have limited the power consumption by 50% to try and reduce the amount of heat given off but in turn this means I am mining at a slower rate.


When all the cards are at 100% I can get just under 30mh/s for the 4xx/5xx series cards while mining Ethereum and roughly 70mh/s for the 7700 mining Zcash.


If anyone has any questions please contact me below and if anyone is feeling generous I also have donation address (crypto) below. Happy mining!